LSK Business Park

LSK Business Park - new opportunities in a premium location

LSK Business Park was founded by Kasvuyrittäjät Oy in 2014. The company closed a deal to acquire the Kauhava Training Air Wing and Kokkola arms depot areas in April 2014, and the title deeds for both properties will be transferred at the beginning of 2015.

The company will have 500 hectares of land and approximately 45,000 square metres of floor space.  The buildings and external areas are in excellent condition, as significant investments have been made in the 2000s to ensure their proper maintenance and development.  

LSK Business Park's business idea is to create new opportunities for businesses while taking advantage of the area’s great potential. Uses for the Kokkola arms depot area and the buildings are still being assessed. The operational headquarters will be in Kauhava due to its excellent location and outstanding setting for business use, including office and commercial space as well as meeting rooms, an auditorium, lecture hall, its own airport runway, accommodation for 500 people and a modern industrial kitchen. A wide range of options for different types of companies – and with the airport, the sky’s no longer even the limit!

LSK Business Park - perfect conditions for successful business!

Properties to let

The mansion house

Built: 1927
Floor area: 3,678 m2

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Office building

Built: 1930
Floor area:
 1,434 m2

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Office building

Built: 1928
Floor area: 262m2

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